• Download a PDF version of the Risk Test. Examen de Riesgo de la Diabetes
    Copyright 2011 American Diabetes Association From http://www.diabetes.org
    Reprinted with permission from The American Diabetes Association.
    Adapted from Diabetes Care 31: 1040-1045, ©2008, and from a tool developed by the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies
  • If your results show that you have three or more of the following risk factors,
    please call (423) 224-3580 to speak with a registered nurse at Wellmont Nurse Connection. 
    You may be eligible for a free screening and health education.

  • Calculate your BMI, Ideal Body Weight, and Basal Metabolic Rate

  • Visit MyDiabetesAlert.com

    Learn about a new program allowing anyone diagnosed with diabetes to display an alert sticker on their vehicle which will allow police enforcement and emergency personnel to be prepared for a diabetic emergency.

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    For more information, contact 423-224-3578 or contact us through the form below if you should have any questions regarding the Project Diabetes program.

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Am I at Risk?

Information on finding out if you may be at risk for diabetes – just click on the numbered tabs above.

Tab 1: Diabetes Risk Assessment
Tab 2: If You are At Risk, Here are Next Steps
Tab 3: Instant Health Snapshot Tool
Tab 4: Diabetes Alert Vehicle Sticker Program
Tab 5: Contact Us

How do you know if you may have Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes? We provide you the information and tools you need to know.  If your fasting blood glucose level is 101-125 mg/dl, you may have pre-diabetes.  If it is greater than 126 mg/dl , you may have diabetes.  The A1c test will provide you with a 3 month average of your blood glucose level and can diagnose diabetes.  See your medical provider today if you think you are at risk for diabetes.